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Creating a race application can be pretty challenging, the decisions on layout and design alone can boggle most people. There are some basic decisions that need to be  made in creating your race application. Application

First, will it be one page, a tri-panel, or quad-panel brochure? The single pages can be printed front and back and are easier to print and prepare for handing out or display but look, well, interesting if folded and mailed. For applications that will be mailed, a three panel or four panel brochure will look nicer in the mailbox.

Second, select colors. The paper type will affect cost, shiny paper or regular? The regular pages that come in a variety of colors do not usually affect the price of printing much but multi-colored text/ink/photos can really change your budget.

Third, for those paneled applications be sure to add the cost of folding unless they will be folded and prepared for mailing/display by volunteers with folding skills (we recommend using a professional printer). Do not forget the postage costs to mail your applications and any costs associated with a mailing file.

Here are a few application templates that can be copied and edited to create a race file.  The first download is a Microsoft Word file, and is a single page and contains the elements that will need to be captured to conduct a race. The three and four panel templates are in Microsoft Publisher format and can also be edited for a particular event.